Please help publishing

We created an html website on atom with pictured on Atom and it looks great. How do we turn it into a website in the same format? We tried to upload it to GitHub but the pages were on top of each other and the pictures didn’t transfer. What did we do wrong? We are beginners.

I’m also a beginner, so I apologize if this is a noob answer to your question but I was able to format an entire website on atom with html and basic CSS but I didn’t know this last part to make it actually show up on the internet.

Did you save the file as .html?
So it would be the name of the file for example:
Yoursite.html then when you save it like that it will go live. So just save it to your desktop or something so you can get to it quickly to try it out. Also when you save it like this it will show the icon for the file with you default browser. At least mine does. When I save as .html it has the Mozilla Firefox logo. Hope this helps!

Have You Tried To Upload To Codepen?

Also as I said in the previous reply, although I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to format response to you in html or other text format or program language. But make sure your you save your file as .html Also, if you have if problems uploading to GitHub perhaps try codepen. Hope this helps.

If you want to upload to Git-hub, can you please answer these questions?
Do you have Git-hub integration? (You don’t need to, just easier for updating)
Is your main web page named “index.html”?
And did you add it as a folder or simple files?
Did you upload the pictures with the files, as a file, or do you have the images sourced from the internet? (Embedded/sourced: <img src:"" alt:"Image">, File image: <img: src:"file.png" alt:"Image">)
I’m a bit newbie here, but I think I understand the basics of repositories and website publishing to be able to help you.