Please add some sort of visual UI progress bar or something for updates/downloads



this is regarding the update you can access in Atom for Mac OS X from the File menu. You choose update, but then it just sits there with no feedback whatsoever unless a) there is no newer update and you get the alert box saying so with an “ok” button to dismiss the alert box; b) it starts updating, you have no visual UI feedback unless you go back to the file menu and see that it is downloading.

it would be much better for UX/UI to have some form of progress bar indicating the download/install/finish of an update, and indicating if you need to restart or not. i would say this should be true of both the general Atom Editor, and all related packages and themes.


— faddah
portland, oregon

Progress Bars for Updates

Yeah, I can see from Activity Monitor that something is being downloaded by Atom, but there’s nothing in Atom that lets me know how far through the download is.

Might I suggest something like Chrome’s Help screen, with a simple percentage? Don’t need to get crazy with ETAs or anything (those are rarely accurate), just something to let a human being know that work is being done.

Cheers! <3


This is my biggest complaint with atom. Lack of progress bar for app updates/downloads and package/ theme updates/downloads.


In the latest version, we added an indication of the number of packages being updated and the number of packages left to update:

It isn’t a progress bar, but it is better than what we had previously.


Thankful for this and any improvements in this area. I love Atom. Its the coolest and best editor to me. I won’t use another one. Really really glad to see the performance hike with the introduction of C++ on the display layer, just want to see some progress bars in the future. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Atom has surpassed pretty much all text editors for me. Its free, cross-platform, and overall just a beast. I stopped searching for “the best editor,” because Atom is constantly being supported, improved, and fixed. However, I still can’t understand why there isn’t progress bars. I’ve ready quite a bit of responses and just don’t understand. Personally, I have a very slow internet connect that cuts in and out, so having no progress bar makes updating a pain. Is there anything in the works for this?