Please add options to disable or change every single default keybinding of packages


I know I can use keymap.cson but I need to figure out the CSS selector that package uses to register the keybinding which makes to complicated.


There should be a button to enable keybindings of an installed package in the package settings. Additionally the information about selectors, commands and a button to copy it to clipboard to bind it to your own key in keymap.cson is available.


This will disable all of them but I just want some of them to be disabled.

I’m using emmet and markdown-preview, they both register the same key Ctrl + Shift + M. I know I can copy CSS selector, keybinding and command then paste them to keymap.cson, but as I said, complicated (e.g. what if there’re too many conflicting keybinding?) I don’t want to define every single keybinding in my config.cson.

Just add a pretty tiny little checkbox next to each default keybinding would make things better.


And what if you do it other way around; disable package keybindings, and only enable the keybindings you use in your keymap.cson.