Please add editor:move-to-beginning-of-document editor:move-to-end-of-document


I would like to bind cmd-home and cmd-end to navigate to the beginning and end of the document, respectively. Looking at, there does not appear to be an equivalent command for this behavior.

Though I am confused about what the difference between editor:move-to-beginning-of-screen-line and editor:move-to-beginning-of-line are. My suspicion is that one takes you all the way to the left column whereas the other takes you to the first non-whitespace character in the line?


Not sure if I missunderstood the question, but CTRL+home moves me to top of document, CTRL+end to the end of the document. Im on a linux box. Or does it have to be cmd button?


Ah, looking at the source for keymaps/linux.cson, I see:

  'ctrl-home': 'core:move-to-top'
  'ctrl-end': 'core:move-to-bottom'

The problem is that I was looking under the editor: namespace for commands rather than core:.

If you ever make the switch from Linux to Mac, you will be enraged with how Home and End behave, I assure you.


In the case of an editor with Soft Wrap turned on, a single line of text in the buffer may be many lines on the screen. Move to beginning of screen line moves to the beginning of that line on the screen. Move to beginning of line moves to the beginning of that line in the buffer, which may be a different line on the screen.


@bolinfest I know, I run some OSX from time to time with swedish keyboard layout, and I got a really hard time getting used to have / | \ on the same key with different keyboard combos :smile: