PlatformIO overwrites Firefox preferences?


Hi there,

I am testing atom for the first time. I noticed that atom rewrites my firefox preferences without warning or any hint.
How can I prevent atom from doing that?
Furthermore the rewritten preferences are in total contrast to common etiquettes of respecting privacy.
Is there a chance that privacy is respected by atom by default?
Also, there should not be automatically all kind of search engines added to firefox and altering permissions without informing the user of doing so.




I’ve never experienced anything like this and I use Firefox often for testing. From where did you download Atom? Is it possible you have a virus on your computer?


It is a newly build ubuntu 16.10 latest kernel.
Before having installed atom I did not have this experience.
I added and after that some packages via package manager in atom.


From where did you download Atom?


I started from platformio here:


It appears to me that all my issues result from having installed platformio which integrates atom into its development enverinment. Therefore I apologize for my questioning here.
I am going to reinstall my system without plattformio.

Best regards



Ok, then I’m going to retitle this to make it more clear that Atom isn’t at fault.


Out of curiosity: which settings were changed and how were they changed?