Platformio installation

I am trying to install the platformio package. After the installation I’m prompted to restart Atom, but upon restart the ‘platformio core’ installs again, prompting another restart. Each time the prompt says “PlatformIO IDE has been successfully installed!”.

I’m running MacOS 10.15.2 and Atom 1.42.0. Any ideas about how to fix this issue?

Thanks for reading.

Best you look here:

Yeah, I did. I followed these instructions, hence my post.

Are you looking to… ?

  1. use a terminal inside Atom
  2. program a micro-controller


Using a terminal inside Atom does not require the installation of the full PlatformIO IDE package. But I would suggest the Termination package to be recommended.


PlatformIO is a specialist tool.
The best people to help you is the community linked to PlatformIO IDE.
They will tell you that Atom is not the preferred editor.
(Please re-evaluate the link I provided.)

You could ask the PlatformIO which version of Atom their software worked on last.

I would suggest however to use the preferred editor.

  • The interactions the text-editor and PlatformIO has is complex.
  • A community tend to help best on what is preferred recommendations.
  • Even on the preferred editor things go wrong with PlatformIO (from my own experience). Only the PlatformIO community can help to get you out of such problems.

My experiences with PlatformIO is too limited to be helpful beyond what is already stated

Thanks, I was looking to code for Arduino. I thought it might be a useful editor. I do have the terminal running inside Atom.

Thanks for the response.