PlatformIO file-structure conflicts with forks on github (with Arduino projects)


Does anyone have a verified procedure on how to handle the following workflow:

  1. Fork a Arduino github project (like
  2. Import Arduino IDE Project in Atom
    2.1 That adds the selected folder to a subfolder and creates additional Atom-specific folders
  3. Now the whole github project is out of sync with the upstream project
    3.1 How can I keep syncing with the upstream project? (like here:
    Submodules? Pointers (if there is such a thing)? Anything?

Maybe the question should go out to the github community…I have limited knowledge of git, so please forgive me my ignorance…


You may want to ask this on the PlatformIO forums. They’ll have more information on what might be going wrong with their system :grinning:


OK, thanks for your hint. Cloned it to: