PlatformIO Bash History?


I currently have PlatformIO to use bash on Windows 10. The only problem I have is the Up Arrow does not recall my command history. Is there something I can do or is this currently missing since bash is only in beta?


Does it work in Bash for Windows normally?


Yes, it does.


I don’t have that, so I can’t test for myself. Is there an editor included with bash, like nano or emacs? If so, try going into Atom, opening up a file in the editor, and seeing if you can navigate using the arrow keys.


It sounds like you’re talking about a PlatformIO-specific problem. The Atom FAQ has information on contacting PlatformIO’s support systems:


I don’t think so. platformio-ide-terminal isn’t functionally different from terminal-plus, which it was forked from. To my knowledge (which could be incorrect), the embedded terminal itself works the same way. The question is also not PlatformIO-specific, but pertinent to embedded terminals in Atom generally.