Plans For React Being The Default Editor



Over the past few weeks I have spent time refactoring my go-plus package: As a result of this work I have simplified parts of the package using the new decorations API (hurray!).

The React editor is the default for tests as of 0.105.0 – which was great and forced me to spend the time to update my package. When (or roughly which version #) will it be the default editor for end-users? I would like to time the release of my package’s update to coincide with the release of Atom with React as default.

See also:

we’ll be enabling it by default within the next couple of weeks

Can you please update this thread with information about the schedule for the release of this particular feature? Thanks!


@ProbablyCorey Do you guys have an estimate? It looks like there’s only a couple blockers left besides writing the blog post.


Hey @joefitzgerald, @leedohm,
Over the next two weeks we are going to be monitoring the react bugs. Once all the severe bugs are closed we will flip the switch. The goal is to have everything resolved before the end of July.


Thanks a bunch for the quick response!