Plan for Nightlies?


Is there any plan to have a nightly or alpha release?


:+1: I would love this.


I agree, nightlies would be a great addition. :thumbsup:


Having a dev channel or nightly builds would be great to have. In the meantime, the editor is pretty easy to build from source (at least on a Mac), so it’s not too bad to just git pull and ./script/build to get master.


Then input:

cd /path/to/your/atom/clone
git pull origin master

No ? :slight_smile:


@abe I was able to build my own nightly that way, is there a build setting to force dev builds to be somewhere other than /Applications/ I would like to be able to build custom versions without overriding the current release from Github.


To change the Atom install path you’ll have to edit this line in the build Gruntfile. You can probably automate the process but it’s likely that it’ll break at some point.


@abe Thanks for the info.