PHPSpec Package?


I noticed a lot of other PHP-development-oriented packages that are already available for Atom, including PHPUnit. Is any work being done on integrating PHPSpec as well?



Looks like there isn’t one yet.


Yea, noticed that as well, hence the question if someone was working on something. :slight_smile: I have no idea about packages and what goes into it, but would be willing to help someone with creating a package like this.


I guess while we’re doing packages wishlists - something that helps with PHPDoc (and *doc in general) would be handy. There appears to be tab completion for /** but no help with newline-auto-add * and the indent-on-paste functionality breaks the preceding space in the * of a docblock line.

Anyway I totally hijacked this thread, and my request won’t be noticed unless someone happens to look at this thread, so I’ll just slowly back away.


To diverge just a bit further, you can always “Reply as new Topic” when you have ideas like this :slight_smile: