PHPdebug creates new tabs

Hi, everyone. please support my debug setting…
I used xdebug with PHPdebug and tried to see if it could be debugged.
Specifically, I set a breakpoint on the echo on the 4th line of the code below and tried to debug.

$message = "Hello World";
for ($i=0; $i < 10; $i++) {
  echo $message; // ← here is breakpoint

Then, I could debug, but there was a new tab other than the tab where the code was, and every time I re-executed or stepped, a new tab was created. WHY?
Searching other articles, I didn’t see that, and I could see the debug results in a tab with that code.
Could you tell me why this happens and how to see the debug screen in the tab with that code?

Here is next problem today.
After I turned 'PHP debug ’ off ( & set break points off ), I executed the codes.
Then new tab created (plus xdebug UI popped) . Whenever I executed the codes, the things occured…
Should I reinstall Atom???