Php view in browser using wampserver

Hello everyone, I am new in this environment I want to know how I can open in the browser .php files that I use with wampserver using atom as editor, I have already tried it but I only manage to open html files. I already used the php-server plugin but my wamp apache server denies the connection, some of you know if I should modify the apache configuration and what should I modify, Thanks for your attention

I think that you will find that the php-server package runs its own server instance … look in package Settings …

# PHP Server

An Atom package to run PHP's built-in development server and display the log in a bottom pane.

So you will need to access WAMP server through another route than php-server. However you could set php-server settings to match WAMP settings (provided that you do not try running both servers on same port at same time which will conflict).

Are you able to get into PHPMyAdmin? If you can access that, that means the PHP extension on your server is running and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to access PHP files through your browser (unless you’re trying to open the files directly; you have to go through localhost in order for your browser to ask the server for the files).

I had the same problem before, this is what i did then:
This works if your operative system is Windows:

  1. Install in Atom the extension package: “open-php-in-browser” (
  2. Open File\Settings, in Settings select “Open Config Folder”.
  3. Open atom/packages/open-php-in-browser/lib and open file “”.
  4. Edit webRoot to your www directory in WAMPSERVER adding backslash to set succesfully a path.Dont paste path from Windows file explorer, first you have to modify as appears in graphic. See below
  5. Restart Atom.
  6. Open PHP files using contextual menu “Open PHP in browser”.

Really hope that works for you.