PHP support for atom-shell


Been googling this for some time, haven’t found an answer.

Is there any support for php in the atom-shell framework?

If not, will there be?



If you mean writing apps using the Atom Shell framework (as opposed to within the Atom editor), I do not know of any plans for supporting languages other than JavaScript and CoffeeScript.


Correct, creating apps using the shell framework is what I am referring to.

It would require an Inline PHP Server to interact with the FastCGI interface that can process scripts with PHP-FPM.

Alternatively, I found which supports php processing, although it is discontinued and no longer supported anymore.


There is also PHP Desktop that you might wanna take a look. It embeds Chromium and a multithreaded web-server with php being served via CGI: (Disclaimer: I’m the author of that project).


Smallest and easiest to integrate PHP stack is this here: PHPDesktop makes no sense here, its also noticeable slower than a nginx server.