Php - list of class and function in rigth panel


Hello to everyone, and first of all sorry for my english

I just install Atom for my “php” script …
How it’s possible to have a list of class & function on the right panel (like in example… )

How can I do this ?!
Thank You for help me!


Looks like symbols-tree-nav in that picture.


Ok I think it can be ok !!

Do You know if there is a solution for view class and their function like a tree view ?!


Does that package not do it? The readme suggests that it should.


No, it’s a list like:


but I can “close” 1 o more class with their function

it’s a full list !


There’s a setting to collapse the tree by default.


Yes, ok but doesn’t work !

Check or uncheck … after restarting Atom, doesn’t work !


I downloaded it and it works for me.


I Use Atom 1.17.2 in Win 10 x64 and symbols-tree-nav 0.15.3 … but I can’t collapse the tree…

I don’t know why …