PHP Language Support


PHP snippets does not seem to be working properly.

If (in a empty .php file) I write php and then hit tab I get:

<?php  ?>

if I then I write if [tab] inside of it, I get:


<?php if (condition): ?>
<?php endif ?>


while if I try fun, if? or incl nothing happens.

Language PHP "$this" should not include PHP tags inside of PHP tags

On top of that, “vardump + tab” gives me:



I think the problem has been fixed in 0.68. What version are you running?


I was using 0.64, now with 0.69 it seems to be working :smile:


I am using 0.71.0 and am having difficulties with “this”


@pstephan1187 do you have a local version of the php language package installed? To check look in ~/.atom/packages


I do not, however, if I go to the settings->packages page and lookup the PHP language package, it says it’s installed.


Looks like there may be a bug in the repo. Would you mind opening an issue @pstephan1187.