PHP Code is not highlighted like html code?


PHP Code is not highlighted like html code???

Where is the php code is start and where is it closed is not clear as the html and css codes are visible by underline at the beginning and the end of that particular tag in html and pratensis in css, but in php it not visible. And When I could comment in css and html the code color is dull that’s how I can recognize that code is commented, but in php code looks as it is.


Is the file saved with a .php extension?

It might help if you shared a screenshot of what you’re talking about.


yes I am talking about when I Save the file in .html the html tags are highlighted on focus, but when I used the .php it doesn’t shows where is from code starts and from where it is end.


Please post a screenshot of your Atom window while you have a PHP document open.



The bracket highlighting is a feature of a specific package, bracket-matcher, and it supports only HTML and XML tags.