PHP class and method find - how? And about Git


I`m moving up from Netbeans to Atom. Looks good and work goes well. But one thing i miss: class and method jumps by Ctrl btn hold. Is any package which somehow search class in opened project?
Another question about git integration.
Firs of all i install git-control and it works. But to push file i must to do a lot of mouse movement - it not good. I install git-plus and at first look it that what i looking for! But as i understand this package no long support by author and now when git-plus start gliching (main problem stops pushing files and close file whit changes after commit save) i began to look another way to interact with git throw atom - any ideas?
Thank for replying and help!


Is symbols-tree-view what you’re looking for?

Also, from the readme of git-plus:

So it looks like the author still supports the package, just no new features.


Nope, symbol-tree-view is visualization of symbols-view inside opened file. I looking for a package that can find class\method in another file, for expl. i call SomeClass::staticfunct in MyClass - i want to click on staticfunct (or something else to find) and Atom will open file with SomeClass.

About git-plus. Thanks, i was distracted.


I thought symbols-tree-view also did project-wide symbols. I can’t find it in the readme, so I guess I’m wrong.


This kind of project-wide symbol lookup has been a common request before, and plays into the similar idea of auto-resolving and autocompleting classes and methods etc, similar to IDEs.

Something ctags based has been attempted a few times, not sure if there’s any package out there that can do it properly now.


You can install ctags and index your project. Then you can use Cmd-Shift-R to invoke the symbols finder. (It’s similar to Cmd-T, the fuzzy file finder, but works on symbols.)

The word to Google is “exuberant ctags”.


Thank you.


Thank you - i will look up.