Persistent project directories?


I really, really, really, want atom to just remember all my open project directories all the time.

I use osx, is there any setting/plugin/combination of settings and plugins that will give me this behavior:

  1. Open atom
  2. Add a project folder
  3. Close atom window (NOT quit the app, just close the window)
  4. Open a new window and have the previously-added project folder still be there

Things that would be OK for me but I can’t seem to find:

  • Maintaining a list of folders (in a file, in a config window, etc) that will always be visible in tree view whenever a window is opened
  • I realize multiple windows could have different projects loaded. Whatever. Just save the list of projects that was open in the last window I closed.

Atom kinda seems to remember (sometimes?) what projects I had open if I quite completely with cmd-Q, but I always forget to do that, and it doesn’t always seem to work anyways.

Things that I have tried but do not work for me:

  • project-manager
  • project-view
  • project-ring
  • project-plus
  • remember-session

I know there are lots and lots of plugins that make it easier to open/switch projects. I don’t want that. I want to just have all my projects open up in every window every time. I use atom mostly to get at stuff quickly for small edits, if I have to add a project folder every time (even with fast keyboard shortcuts) it kind of defeats the purpose.

the old “open-last-project” plugin did exactly what I wanted, but alas, it is no more (It says it’s functionality has been added to atom core, but I disagree).


I ended up adding this to my - basically works, kinda clunky.



It works for me!