Persistent color change after reverting styles.less


I was monkeying around with my styles.less earlier and I made a change to the bracket matching selector like so:

atom-text-editor.editor {
    .bracket-matcher .region {
         background-color: #8E8F36

Later I wanted to remove this and just go back to normal - so I deleted from styles.less and saved. However, the background color continued to be #8E8F36 even though the syntax theme (pubster) is quite different (it’s like bright yellow). I performed the following to eradicate this persistent style:

  • cleared ~/.atom/compile-cache/
  • cleared %APPDATA%/Roaming/Atom/
  • uninstalled & reinstalled pubster
  • ensured nothing in my styles.less or config.cson made any mention of this style
  • updated Atom to 1.15.0
  • removed app.asar and electron.asar and replaced with pristine copies

I’m baffled as to how this errant style is persisting. Even more crazy is that the dev tools’ “calculated” style for the element differs from what is actually being rendered:

When I switch themes to something else, everything is as it should be, but when I come back to pubster this is what I get.


I can’t reproduce the problem you’re describing using Atom v1.15.0 on Mac OS X 10.12.3. Each time that I add or remove the style you show and save styles.less, the DOM is updated and the color changes. Are you still seeing this problem?


Yes – I should note I’m on Windows 7. Whenever I make a change to styles.less and save, Atom will render the view properly when I’m using any other theme. It seems to me that the style that’s rendered in the image above is being stored or cached somewhere that not even the dev tools are seeing. Have I successfully located all of the potential caches on Windows or may there be more?

Edit: I’ve discovered what’s going on. The pubster syntax theme applies a cursor-line style to the line occupied by the cursor which consists of a background color. Unfortunately for me, it was a big coincidence that the resultant color (seen in the left side of the image) was very very close to the color I had been experimenting with. Thus I thought I had done something to mess up the theme.

All is well!