Persistant Symbol Table


You can look up symbols via the command pallet but this is pretty clunky; a symbol explorer similar to what you see in Netbeans would be amazing - preferably in the left hand column below the file system.

Being able to read through a compact list of methods in a class, seeing its public properties and method signatures helps greatly especially when you are dropped into code you didn’t write - something that happens in the real world pretty regularly.

I find it annoying with sublime that I pretty much feel obliged to use a different tool to explore a new code base.


Another editor that implemented a Symbol navigator really well is Espresso. Would love to have something symbol in Atom.


I think this is the downside of all general purpose editor: the more languages you handle the less integration you’ll get for a given language.
Not that we can’t have this in Atom, but it’ll be a lot of work and it will never content everybody.

Building a simple UI displaying symbols should not be the hardest part, having transparent ctags support in a project seems a bigger piece to me. Maybe someone will take some time to work on this in a near future.