Permission Error When Publishing Atom Package Owned By Organization/Team


I’m trying to publish the atom grammar package language-legesher-python, which is owned by an organization. When I attempt to publish the package within the repository folder I receive the following error:

$ apm publish minor
Preparing and tagging a new version ✓
Pushing v0.1.0 tag ✗
remote: Permission to legesher/language-legesher-python.git denied to madiedgar.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

When this error occurs the package is “published”, but with no build attached to it. It’s interesting that I’m able to unpublish the package, no problem, but given the permission error above when trying to publish the package.

I have admin rights on all repositories in the organization. In reading this article, I added a team to the specific repository and added myself onto it, giving me admin rights (just to cover all the basis). However, this error still occurs.

Any thoughts?


UPDATE: In Github, I had to grant Third-Party Application access to & Atom Github Packages for the organization I was publishing the package with. This seemed to be the missing piece.