Permission denied (publickey)


I am using the git plus package and I am trying to push my changes to bitbucket. When I open up the menu options, I select push and I see:

I go into terminal and type ps -e | grep [s]sh-agent to check the command. I started the ssh-agent by typing ssh-agent /bin/bash.

Next I checked to see if any keys are added. I typed ssh-agent -l. And I can add my bitbucket key by typing ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

Now I can ssh from terminal, but when I go into the atom text editor and try to push, I still get the same message. How can I get rid of the message?


@akonwi Any suggestions?


There is an issue open on that package’s repo, which was closed with a few suggestions linked in:

Does that help at all?


Thanks this link you gave me, worked by giving me an idea to try.

The end result: I just deleted the repository and git cloned it again and it worked.


Sorry I was late to respond. I’m glad it’s working for you now though.