Permanently disable key binding window


Is it possible to permanently disable the key binding window?

Every so often, it will just popup and I cannot get rid of it. For no reason in particular, it appeared again today, then I updated to 1.35.1 OSX and I can’t get rid of it.

Appreciate any help!



You are hitting the cmd + . key combination. Hit that combination again to toggle it to off. I would recommend to keep the shortcut, but what follows shows how to deactivate it.

Are you okay with quick-and-dirty?
Do you know the keymap.cson file? (…Windows view)
Do you have anything there yet?

Add this to it: (…for Mac)

  'cmd-.': 'abort!'

As my own keymap.cson file looks like in Windows:


For more info on keymaps:


Thanks man, appreciate it. I just wish there was a) a way to know why it will all of sudden just appear and then not show up for months and b) permanently disable it.


The alternative is to disable the package: