Performance of atom 205-7c96854 is amazing


I had just copy pasted over 2200000 chars , made up of 21 lines.

Atom take it like a champ , only stall a bit , can still select word , enter new line , cut , delete. I am amazed.

I tried the same to ST3 and it just stop responding and i had to force closed.

Proof included , try for your self and see it works.

If thats then , the long standing argument of Stuffs built with purely Web technologies (ATOM) can’t match performance of Native apps \ is no longer true.


Now for the real test, i had open up three.min.js , with syntax highlighting and all plugins avaliable , minified threejs file with over 600k characters.



Is this already the tiles implementation doing the magic here?


That and, I believe, the work that @nathansobo did on optimizing the overhead of tokenization.


Wow, that’s amazing! :smile: I also noticed a huge startup performance increase back in 0.200.0, but it never occurred to me to try big files.


what is that? tiles implementation ?


yeah , i afraid to even click on huge files so i just discovered that now. Not sure when it was that fast!


I saw that so , i guess that is the main reason there. Upgraded to atom latest master now and its even faster!


It’s been brewing for a little while.


Oh i c , it was not merged , yet ? And very interesting way of doing , awesome!