Performance issue when .git is on root?


As others mentioned before, I was having performance issues when using Atom, so I decided to remove just about all packages, and see if I could spot the one that was causing the problem.

The scenario/test-case that I using was ‘tabbing a coffee-script method in a file with 188 lines’. What was happing was that there was about a 500ms-to-1000sec delay every time I pressed on tab (the actually delay might be lower, but it really felt that long)

After removing just about all packages, I was still having that delay, so I tried one last thing, which actually worked.

I opened the folder that contained the file I was editing in a new ‘Atom Window’ and the speed increase was very significant (into a speed that fell more natural).

I don’t know very well the Atom’s internals, but I managed to replicate both scenarios under the profiler and there seems to be a lot more happening on the left (which is the slow version) than on the right (which is working at a good speed). Hopefully the image below makes sense to a more experienced Atom developer:

For reference here is what my config.cson file looks like

    fontSize: 11
    invisibles: {}
    disabledPackages: [
    userId: "44be0b63-5bc5-c0bf-7ea7-a36a182de9a3"
    showOnStartup: false
    userId: "b0b7593a68594e00dc0f8219aabfa35c0b46bfdd"
  "git-plus": {}
    showIconsInEditorGutter: true
    fontScale: "Default: 1.9"
    options: "--compilers coffee:coffee-script/register"
    showDebugInformation: true
    WindowHeight: 100
  "lcov-info": {}
  "markdown-preview": {}
  "autocomplete-plus": {}
  "atom-lint": {}
  "travis-ci-status": {}

I mention on the title that the root cause could be related to git, since that is a difference between the root folders (or both Atom editors). Another difference is that the editor on the left contains the node_modules folder.


For reference I’m still getting good performance once I enabled all packages