Performance issue on windows


I’m using the latest version (1.18.0-beta0) on Windows 10 64 bit (12GB of RAM CPU i7 3.1Ghz) , The performance is very bad, very slow to open, very slow to update packages. I can see that the CPU is fully consumed for nothing, without opening any coding file. I never heard my laptop’s fan this loud even when I play GTA V on it!
How is Webstorm much faster?
Can anyone explain what makes Atom heavy like this?


Same here, it’s the only reason on why I won’t use Atom anymore, too slow. I’m with PHPStorm and PyCharm now. Even PHPStorm os faster and light than Atom.


There’s a number of possibilities why you might be experiencing performance issues:

But if you can answer some of the questions in that post, that could hopefully help narrow things down. For example, do you see any difference in behavior when running in safe mode?

For slow startup issues, does Timecop point to any particular packages that might be contributing to slow startup?


As a product made by GitHub. this is disappointing in my humble opinion!
A user should download, install and start coding. he is not expected to go through links and tutorial to do hacks and tweaks and end up using Atom in safe mode.
There is work to be done.