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I really love coding with Atom. It’s so easy to understand, there are many different packages, themes and so on. But one big “problem” is Atom’s performance. And after I cleaned up my used packages and changed some settings, enabled some of them, disabled some of them, I had an idea:

what, if there is a third option of enabling/ disabling packages. My idea was, that the user can decide wether a package runs everytime or it’s just active if a specific file is opened.
For example if I code in NodeJS I don’t have to activate all my packages for developing in Java, C, or Python, they just keep the performance low.
So what if I decide that my Java, C, Python and TypeScript packages are only enabled if .java, .class, .c, .py, .ts, .js (and so on) files are opened?

something like this

What do you think about it?

I think that this idea has been discussed before under the tag “profiles” - like different environments. In the absence of profiles I use automation scripts to enable/disable different sets of packages/settings.
There is a package package-list which can be useful to enable different combinations of packages. Or it can be done through command-line. So you could use process-palette to run different bash or python “set profile” scripts to configure sets of packages. I use this to run different languages such as PHP, Python, R etc.

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This is already in use today:

I think you misunderstood my question

I think you misunderstood my question

And what makes you think that? Did you bother to read the documentation on activation hooks?

That certainly opens up a parallel line of thought.

This thread in particular.