Per-project themes


Hi there. When editing multiple projects, it would sometimes be helpful if the UI/Syntax theme could be specific to one project.

I do not see any obvious way to achieve this, but would be grateful to see whether it’s possible.

Not a big deal– Just curious if this handy option might be feasible. :slight_smile:



My first thought would be to let this be handled by the Project Manager package (if that’s still being used/maintained?).

A request could be opened on its repo, to add an extra setting that serializes the themes you want to use for each project.

Otherwise you might end up having to keep a settings file in each of your projects, which a new package needs to read out and change the themes accordingly.

Even worse: You can now have multiple root folders, i.e. two “projects”. How should that be handled? I’m not sure what the package above does with that.


I would love to see something like this work


I would also love to see something like this. I find that when I am writing content I prefer a lighter background and darker text with less distraction, whereas when I’m coding I prefer a dark background theme with as much syntax highlighting as possible. Similarly it would be great to change theme by file type.


Would also like this feature, would make it easier to see what project is what at a glance when I have multiple projects open (and in Mission Control on Mac).


You might be interested by this package: one-theme-color-by-project that changes the hue of the ui according to the current project. It only works with the atom one themes though.