Per-project default language selection per filetype


Is there any way to set a default language for file types on a per-project basis?

For example, in a rails project I want to set the following:

  • *.erb files use “HTML (Rails)” by default instead of “HTML (Ruby - ERB)”
  • *.rb files use “Ruby on Rails” instead of “Ruby”

Right now I have to change it manually for every file and the selection seems to be forgotten every time the file is closed and re-opened.



Atom doesn’t currently support per-project configuration, at least built in. I’m working on a pull request to add that, albeit slowly.


I really want this feature too.

@leedohm Is there any news?


The last few months have been rather tumultuous for me. So sadly, no, I haven’t made any progress though there has been talk of how to implement this feature … other things have taken priority from what I’ve seen.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom Core team. I’m just an enthusiastic volunteer.



It’s amazing your are not an employee. Because I saw your post so many time on this site. Thanks for your effort. :+1:

“Per-project default language selection per filetype” is very neccessary, because there are so many different language even they have same file extension(type).


I don’t think anyone is disputing the utility of the feature :grinning: