Per project colors/themes?

Is it at this point possible to set per project color or per project theme?

I have done that by installing project-viewer package which opens as right pane. Selecting a colour coded project launches that project in the left pane Projects. It does mean that you have two panes in play but you can move/toggle the project-viewer pane after project launch.

However my workflow has changed recentlywhere I now use an external file manager (Krusader in Ubuntu Linux with coloured icons) to launch my required projects in Atom. So I now rarely use project-viewer. I know that most users here prefer everything inside Atom but I have found benefits from using a tool chain with Atom as just one link in the chain.

Good to know. Thanks.

I forgot to mention companion packages I installed …

├── file-icons@2.1.35
├── project-icons@0.1.2