Pending panes vs. preview tabs


I just saw in the Atom 1.6 release announcement that one of the new feature are Pending Pane Items. I am a bit confused, didn’t that functionality already exist with Preview Tabs? What’s the difference other than the setting now lives in core?


Yes and no. “Yes” in that when you opened files in certain ways (with Preview Tabs enabled) you would get a “preview tab”. “No” in that Preview Tabs was a feature of the tabs package and therefore other packages couldn’t designate whether they thought a file should be opened in preview (or what we’re now calling “pending”) mode.

So fuzzy-finder couldn’t open a file in pending mode. Community packages couldn’t open a file in pending mode. The tree-view package couldn’t conditionally decide whether to open something in pending mode depending on whether you single or double-clicked without a bunch of hacky workarounds.

This also makes it so that any item opened in a tab (hence the term Pending Pane Items) can be opened in pending mode. It makes the pending mode functionality a first-class citizen in the Atom API.


Thanks a lot of clarifying this and thanks to all for the great work :slight_smile: