pdf with syntax highlights



Try using a word processor and then exporting to PDF.


Thank you. You mean, I can use word processor to format every words in or to have certain color?? Shall i use find and replace function??


The easiest way to color-code your text is to literally color-code your text. It’s possible to make an HTML file that replicates the Atom highlighting, and print that to a PDF, and it’s possible to write a script that does it automatically, but if you had the skills needed to do those things you wouldn’t have to ask here. If you want to do a whole lot of these, it might be worth learning the skills, but if you just want to make one PDF file, then using the Find feature to seek out certain patterns in the text and coloring them manually will take time, but not as much as it would take to get to the point where you know how to tell the computer how to do it right.