[pdf-view] Source code to pdf preview

Hi there,

Short question, to which i cannot seem to find an answer:
Is it possible to go directly from your source-code to the corresponding location in the generated pdf preview of pdf-view? Texmaker has such a feature included, namely ctrl+spacebar. If not, could this feature be included in a future version?

I recently transitioned to atom, forgive my inexperience, but it has been a great experience so far.


The feature is called SyncTeX.

It does if you add a source and line number when opening the PDF, but this can’t be done by just clicking the file in the file tree. Looking over the package source, I couldn’t find any command that does this. Though I believe the atom-latex package supports it (and bundles a PDF viewer with it).

I wouldn’t recommend pdf-view for TeX; it has a slight memory leak when loading PDF files that will build up each time you reload it after recompiling. The issue is known, but the cause is not. It only goes down when you reload the window.