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I’m the author of a Pandoc package, and it’d be very cool if Atom would let me embed PDFs in an iframe. At the moment, when I create an iframe and point it at an PDF, nothing happens; if I do the same in Chrome, it works. This leads me to believe that whatever Chromium build Atom is using doesn’t have the PDF extension compiled in. Does that make sense?

The why of this, if anyone is wondering, is so I could have a live PDF preview of a LaTeX document much like the Markdown Previewer or my Pandoc Previewer does with HTML.


Maybe this can help https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/


I did have some limited success with pdf.js, but the results aren’t great and rolling my own UI is less than ideal. Good suggestion though.


Chrome’s PDF plugin is not open sourced, and also not included in Chromium.

PDF View Package

Maybe the github team working on the core could integrate a PDF viewer (is there any open source solution?).

A native PDF viewer would consume way less RAM rendering huge documents. In addition, native PDF viewers tend to be a lot snappier and more fluid when scrolling.

I’d love to work with PDFs in Atom, but doing everything web-based seems a bit inconvenient…


Mentioned this over in another thread – I made a package for viewing PDF files: https://atom.io/packages/pdf-view

It’s based on PDF.js and is pretty simple – supports only viewing PDF files for now (no advanced controls, no text selection, etc), but works pretty well/fast.

Contributions welcome! :smiley_cat:

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Great thanks for that