Pasting Text From PDF - Bug


I copy code from a .pdf and paste it into an existing file in Atom. The code is not editable because the cursor is not where it says it is. You may click and tab the middle line over( where you placed your cursor ) but it actually tabs half of the last line over.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Copy Code from a .pdf

  • Paste into an existing file in Atom( .rtf, .html,.md)

  • Try and edit the code

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way I can tweak the settings so this won’t happen? I am a dev teacher and commonly go between different file types. Pasting text from .pdf into a .md file works in Sublime.

Screencast of Bug in Action!


I was able to reproduce the error, it happens when you try to paste multiple lines copied from a PDF.