Pasting Multiple Lines of CSS screws up the cursor


I’m cutting and pasting a few lines of CSS from into a CSS file in atom and the cursor gets all messed up.

Clicking/backspace will be in the wrong place. If someone tells me how to make one of those cool animated gifs, I can. Just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior and where the proper place to report it would be (I’m assuming it’s part of atom core)


I think I had the same problem, not with css but with html.

You can create a gif with


I’m having the same problem with copy and pasting of excel cells. It pastes correctly within Sublime, but Atom makes it one line and the cursor is screwed also.

Cursor Showing In Middle of Characters in HTML

I am having the same issue when copying multi line and single line text from a photoshop mockup. I’ve copied text from multiple programs and pasted it into different file types in Atom and problem still exists.