Paste Linux/Unix X selection from keybinding


Hi, I don’t know if this is possible with a key binding, or if someone will have to write a plugin for it.

What I want is to bind a key binding to the action “paste x selection” in Linux.

In essence, there are two (actually three, but only two are really used) clipboards in “linux systems”. The middle mouse button pastes the latest text selection. See this issue 2244.

This works great in the latest version of atom, but I want the paste to be performed from a key binding, not just from the mouse, and the only action I can find is core:paste, which only pastes the current clipboard entry.

So, (1) Is there an action for this I can bind to? Or (2) is it possible to write a plugin to do this or (3) should I file a bug/feature request for this to be implemented in atom itself?