Paste is broken


I’m using 1.19.0 on MacOS 10.12.6, and frequently run into an issue where I cannot paste any text in any file. I had the same issue with 1.18.0. I literally deleted (not just disabled) all plugins, I tried the safe mode, I tried closing every single file and then restarting Atom (multiple times), but nothing fixes the problem.

The only thing that fixes the problem is a complete system reboot.

This happens after about 2 days of usage of the application. It’s really annoying to have to reboot the whole system to get it to work again.

I went through the other threads but didn’t find any workable solution. Any help will be appreciated.


In the case of an apparent bug like this, the best thing is to submit an issue at the GitHub repo.


I had same trouble. I fixed. Thank you.