Passing data from dmg download link to initial app launch


I’m building a video conferencing app with electron and electron-builder and I’m running into issues with the initial launch of the application.

I have a conditional webpage that will either present users with a link to download the app or a link to launch the app (with our custom protocol scheme). To improve the user experience when they download the app, we’d like the app to be launched into the same video conference as they attempted to visit in the browser when they were prompted to download our application. So we need to somehow pass a parameter from the download link to the application.


  1. User visits the webpage for a video conference room named ‘cool-room’ (
  2. They are presented with a download link (since they don’t have the app yet)
  3. After download and when a user launches the app for the first time, we would like the app to be opened into that specific conference room: cool-room

I was hoping there was a way to pass query parameters to the .dmg download link, but haven’t found any examples of this. Has anyone implemented this within their app or have any idea how I’d get similar functionality?

Thanks in advance.