Passing command line arguments to Electron app after packaging



i’m using the electron-packager to create a setup of my electron application.

Now i have a question:

In the development im using “npm start” to test an run my application and this command looks like

“start”: “…\node_modules\electron-prebuilt\dist\electron.exe . --disable-gpu --force-cpu-draw”.

But after building the setup using the packager the arguments
–disable-gpu and --force-cpu-draw will be ignored. Where to put this
arguments in the build process to archive the function of it?

Thanks in advance!

Which version of electron-packager are you using?


What CLI arguments are you passing? Alternatively, if you are using the API, what parameters are

you passing to the packager() function?

electron-packager . APPNAME --out=…/Staging/setup/win --platform=win32
–arch=all --version=1.2.5 --icon=icons/favicon.ico
–version-string.ProductName=APPNAME --disable-gpu --force-cpu-draw

What version of Electron are you building with?


What is the host platform are you running electron-packager on?

Windows 7 - 64bit

What target platform(s)/architecture(s) are you building for?

win32-ia32 and win32-x64