Parsing error for C language

I’m have been using Atom for some days in place of Notepad++ which is not suited for my new 4K monitor.

It seems I have stumbled against what seems a bug of the program.
I program in C language, and in a file I have seen that pre-processor defines are not handled correctly.
I have taken a grab of the screen + inspector to show how Atom is interpreting those lines.
See that it is interpreting in a wrong way only few of them, not all.

I hope the image is clear as I can’t see how it has been filtered it in the preview.

If I add some char randomly (like leading whitespaces) it may color the line correctly. May. But not always and it may soon return to the default white color.

I hope this help narrowing the problem.



This looks like an issue with the language-c package for Atom, which provides syntax highlighting.

Maybe there is an issue posted there for this problem with syntax highlighting? If there is not an issue open there, perhaps you can open one and describe this problem similar to this post, or link to this post. Eventually it seems the code for that package should be updated to handle the code snippet you show here.

Best Regards.