Parallel programing with Julia


I am interested about parallel programing with Julia.
When i begin to work in julia i open the shell and write “/Applications/ -p 2” (it which is the path for the binary of julia and at the end i write -p 2, because i want work with both cores of my computer) therefore when i use: “nworkers()” in the syntaxis of julia, the shell computes 2 but if i open Julia in Atom i can’t use “-p 2”, and therefore nworkers() computes 1 and i can’t use parallel functions like @parallel.
Can someone help me? What do i need write and where?


Atom doesn’t come with support for executing Julia (or any language) out of the box. If you have a package that is enabling you to run Julia code within Atom, you may want to follow up with the maintainers of that package. There is a FAQ here on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom package: