Pane's tab tooltip delay


If its possible, how to change the tooltip show delay? piZtooltipXpaneTab


I doubt that’s deliberate. It’s probably just normal lag.


What do you mean? think its set to be instant?


I don’t know if there is a setting at all.


@DamnedScholar(*ment to be…)


Nothing’s actually instantaneous. The program has to take input, retrieve the right information, and generate a display. All of those things take instruction cycles in the computer. Atom just happens to be made in JavaScript, and thus slower, so humans are able to observe it working.


They could be asking if they can add a delay? IDK, it’s hard to tell if they really want to change the delay, or are assuming the delay they do see is intentional.

Also, removing the fade in animation might make it feel quicker.


Even trough its javascript such delay is insane for such function


Do you want to figure out how to fix it?


without another digging into new code :slight_smile:


Why not? It matters to you much more than it matters to me, or apparently to any of the developers. If it’s fixable, nobody except for you seems motivated to fix it. This is the great part of open-source: if you see something you don’t like, and you can convince the project owners that the change is positive, you can fix it yourself.


depending on interaction with the program for someone it can be enough fast,easy to implement to use for it the needed time