Panes from hell


I was using ask-stack which created a new pane to show the results. When I closed the tab it went away but now I’m left with an empty pane. Actually I now have two empty panes because I stupidly tried it again.

This would be a minor bug of ask-stack or atom but the big problem is those panes won’t go away. I tried dragging tabs into the them and closing the tabs but that didn’t work. They won’t even go away when restarting atom. I guess I’ll have to find something to fix in the config file.


Hmm. This seems to be a big bug. No matter how I split a pane, when I close the last tab the pane won’t go away. This is true even in safe mode.

windows 8.0 and atom 135

BTW, if anyone can point me to the config that holds this I’d be greatly appreciative. I have six permanent panes now.


I fixed my problem but there is still a bug. I changed the option destroyEmptyPanes from false to true and fixed it.

So apparently if you have that option off it disables automatically closing panes but there is no manual way to close them so you are screwed.


The core:close command (mapped to Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F4 on Windows) will close an empty pane that has focus. You can use the Ctrl+K series of keys to activate the pane focus commands:

So, there is a manual way to close an empty pane, it is even the same way you can close a tab.


Cool. In this case they should have included close pane with all the split pane menu options.