Pane cut off horizontally


How can I, using the keyboard, see what is cut off on the right side of a pane? For example by:

  • scrolling right
  • temporarily making the whole tab show over the pane to the right
  • moving the pane to a new window


You can move the cursor onto a line that goes off the pane and use the arrow keys or end to get to the end.


Thanks! What about Atom settings pages that don’t have cursors? Like †he Install packages page


How small is your monitor? I can do split-pane with a sidebar on the right and left side and the Install Packages pane scales gracefully so that nothing cuts off.

With such a small monitor, your options are to use one pane. Or navigate with tab, actually, which brings the Install buttons to the front even if they’re cut off. Which is what confuses me: there’s no way to navigate the Install Packages pane with only the keyboard except by using tab, but if you had done that, you wouldn’t have needed to ask the question. Additionally, if you’re in an environment limited to a keyboard, why are you using the graphical package interface and not apm? You’ll have to explain your use case in more depth.


The Settings View had a bug where it would stop resizing once it hit a certain width and start overflowing instead. That’s been fixed and should be out in Atom 1.11.0.