Pandas/Numpy issues

Hi all

I am running windows 10, installed platformio ide terminal. I have pip installed pandas and numpy through the .cmd successfully.

When I run code that does not require the pandas/numpy within the terminal in Atom it works fine. However if I try to run anything that requires pandas I run into an error although I have imported them in the code.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Did you try x-terminal (

You can also run the scripts using script (

Started using script as suggested but getting the error

File “C: … , line 1, in
Import pandas as pd
modulenotfounderror: No module named pandas.

Is it something to do with where pandas and numpy are being pip installed to?

Normal scripts are running perfectly but again not when I want to run anything with pandas

Just a guess. If your test py file uses the same name as any module you will encounter such errors.

e.g. if named change to

Running script names thanks