Pandas and Atom


Is Pandas package supported in Atom?
It turns out that Pandas package work in Python shell but it does not work in Atom when running the script. I have previously installed script package in Atom to run Python codes. Moreover, numpy works both in Atom and Python shell.


Atom doesn’t have any ability to run Python code or support libraries. script is not a Python interpreter, either. It sends an instruction to whichever installation is behind the python command, so don’t blame Atom or the package. I feel like you may have two versions of Python installed, but only installed pandas for one of them. When you type python -v from the command line, what do you see?


Hello thanks for your email.
After typing python-v in cmd line I get like 50 lines starting with import statement…
Previously, I had 2 Python versions 2.7 and 3.5.I deleted both and re-installed Python 3.5 only.
Pandas library works in Python 3.5 shell.with no problem.

Shall I uninstall everything (Python 3.5, numpy,pandas, ) and install Anaconda instead.?


My bad, it’s python --version. I keep forgetting that Python forces you to write the whole thing out.

What happens when you use python from the command line?

I don’t know. Does Anaconda achieve what you want?