Someone has the same question ?
How can I slove it? Thanks…


What’s your question?


it’s look like some wrong about command line input .


I don’t understand what you are asking.


The prompt input is misaligned.
Can I fix it?


I don’t know.

You can try opening PowerShell (Start for older versions or Win-X for 8.1/10, select Run and enter powershell) and seeing if it looks normal outside of Atom.


It is normal outside of Atom…



This question seems to be something to be asked to the curators of the Package. Please consider mentioning the version of the package, version of Atom, type OS and special things like (human) language / regional configuration.

I run the same package and have not seen any such concurrence. But my PC is set onto English using US_EN keyboard and so on.

With the package in question you can use other terminals. In Windows 7 SP1 Professional, I am using the normal command prompt. I am currently experimenting also with the newest open version of Microsoft Powershell V6 … not the standard package!

What are your thoughts?

  • Dan Padric