Pages navigation and cache


so I’m working on application have multiples pages and I need to navigate between them, I read that electron is good with just one page so my question is implement cache or sessionStorage to save page status and back to it when I navigate back to the page is this good solution I know I cant save all but status of web page like some input…


When you say navigate between them I not sure what you mean?
I’m using Electron to open many different windows (uses a lot of memory) and all a child of the main window. So I guess I’m saying that Electron does more than just act as SPA on the desktop. I think you are saying that you want to store the dimensions/status/state to a local storage file. If that is the case take a look at “electron-storage” which will store any json information. I hope this helps.


thanks man i had to think about and rewrite my code from beginning and write single page with divs navigation